Firstly, let’s start with saying…Happy New Year!


We hope you’ve had time to relax and recharge your batteries after a busy 2016. This means treating yourself and pulling yourself away from that hamster wheel, getting that extra sleep and a few afternoon naps in the process.


But, this also doesn’t mean go crazy. There’s nothing worse than totally falling out of your routine and having to work so hard to get back into it as the new year kicks in (and believe me it’s already here)!


So you stuffed your face at Christmas? Drank a little more than intended over long lunches and a few nights out? So what, everyone did. Over the holidays, just do your best to choose the healthy options. Summer fruits and veggies are in abundance so make the most of them where you can.


If you’ve gone away and are reading this thinking I can’t make it to the gym for another week or two, that’s totally fine. It’s as simple as going for a walk, followed by a nice stretch to keep you active.


Here’s some healthy summer tips:

  • Snack on fruit. The taste is amazing and the nutrients is through the roof. It’s a sure thing and easy to grab without much prep work
  • Try and move yourself every day. Half an hour or 45 min = winning to get those muscles moving
  • Don’t go crazy with the alcohol. Everything in moderation, so keep up the H2O if you do have a glass or two. I’m certainly not saying stay away, but pace yourself
  • Stay happy and do some outdoor activities like walking, bike riding, swimming at the beach or hiking. All the things that are harder to do when you’re back at work and school
  • Keep it clean by staying within a balanced diet.


Happy new year again and stay tuned for lots of happy and healthy tips coming your way for 2017.