I have a confession to make. I am constantly looking at butts, admittedly of women. I’m not that way inclined, it comes down to my utter appreciation of the musculature of the Glutes. For those I can see are suffering from signs a weak ass, I’m always thinking about ways I could help them give their backside a lift, a bit of plumpness and rounding, tightening and firming. For the blessed one’s who carry a well-rounded strong derriere, hats off to you! You’ve either put in a lot of hard work to get you there, or you have great genetics. Either way, I admire your (posterior) lady lumps.


 Here are the top 4 reasons why having strong Glutes is of great importance:


  1. Visually appealing – hands up who wants a well-rounded, lifted, firm toosh? I know I do, and I can’t say I’ve come across anyone who’s replied ‘Thanks, but no… I’m happy with my flat pancake butt’.
  2. Lower back/knee/hip pain – strengthening the Glutes could be the answer to the pain you’ve been experiencing in these areas. Glute weaknesses can lead to muscle imbalances that can cause these types of pain. The Glutes are jointly responsible for providing stability through the hips and lower body, so it makes sense that if they aren’t working optimally, compensations and pain can occur in other areas. Here is a great article if you wish to read more about this.
  3.  Injury prevention – Just as having strong Glutes helps injury management, it also helps injury prevention. Well functioning Glutes help promote quality movement, and a strong stable core, which will lead to a lower risk of injury.
  4. Performance – When doing an exercise such as running, squatting, and lungeing, ideally our Glutes would be one of the major contributing muscles to these movements. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case due to the common occurance of lazy and inhibited Glutes.

So if you see me checking out your behind, please don’t think I’m creepy, I’m here to help you build the butt of your dreams.

Keep any eye out for my next post where I will uncover how to determine if you have lazy, weak, inhibited Glutes.


Kim is a Personal Trainer at NAFC whose areas of expertise & interest include; strength training, (with an emphasis on the lower body and Glutes), core, Kettlebell, running, & triathlon training.

Kim is running a series of workshops that teach you technical & practical skills to build stronger Glutes & core. Enquire today.