I would like to announce a new series for my blog. Personal Trainers Favourite Exercises. This topic will cover different exercises that myself and my fellow trainers love to prescribe to our clients not only because they produce results but for their sheer enjoyment in doing them ourselves. I want to start with my absolute favourite exercise in the whole world… the CHIN UP!!!

If you are or have been a client of mine, male or female,  looking to achieve fat loss, build muscle or achieve athletic performance you will know how much I love chin – ups and how often I prescribe them. I prescribe them often simply with the mindset of “there is no better upper body exercise in the whole world that will ignite fat loss and muscle gain”. Here are the muscles worked in a chin-up:




Why are chin-ups so good?, check out these simple reasons [1]:

  •  Chin-Ups are a closed kinetic chain exercise. Closed Kinetic chain exercises are much more functional than open kinetic chain exercises like the lat pull down.
  • Direct strength transference of motor pattern. On most strength exercises the concentric is the upward phase and eccentric is the lowering phase. The lat pull down is the opposite of this, while the chin-up fits the mold of core lifts like the bench press and overhead press.
  • Chin-ups work more muscles than machines. Big lifts equal big strength gains and big fat loss. They also release large amounts of anabolic hormones like growth hormone and testosterone.
  • Brett Contreas (bio)[2] in his own words, “When I conducted my EMG studies, I was shocked to find that the bodyweight chin-up led to the highest levels of lower rectus abdominis activation. It surpassed every ab exercise imaginable – even ab wheel rollouts and hanging leg raises.”
  • Special forces and other elite organizations use chin-ups as a testing standard.
  • Chin-ups are a catalyst for bicep growth!
  • Chin-ups force you to handle your own body weight, which is a crucial aspect of success in most sports!

So my advice is start doing chins!!, any questions come see me (simon) or any other trainer for questions or queries on how to implement this exercise into your training routine. Thanks for reading.