“Kettlebells? ,What are Kettlebells?, who created them?, where are they from?”

There is a history to these cannonball shaped weights but honestly WHO CARES!, all you’re really concerned about

whether or not these odd-shaped bells can produce serious results, am I right? Short answer yes, long answer no. Whether your goal is losing weight, building muscle, general fitness or improving athletic performance, attention should always be payed to your nutrition.

If we are speaking about achieving real world fat loss and achieving it FAST, kettlebells should defiantly be up for discussion whether or not it is in your weekly training routine or not. Kettlebells have been around for a while now and have the evidence to back up serious claims of extreme calorie burn and increases in lean muscle tissue, both necessary for fat loss.

Yes, there have been lots of claims of serious calorie burn, but in 2010, the first modern day study to be conducted on kettlebells concluded, that the average participant burned 20 calories per minute performing kettlebell swings and lifts, which equates to 400 calories in 20mins[1]. 400 calories is the size of a meal!, imagine burning off an entire meal in only 20mins?!?! No wonder kettlebells are spoken so highly of from personal trainers and fitness professional alike.



So why are kettlebells still in the background when they can achieve serious results? This is just my opinion but i think they should stay that way, only because I believe that kettlebells require a great deal of professional cueing and technique to make sure the unique lifts and swings are performed safely.  Without proper form there is a chance like with all aspects of physical activity, that injury can occurand especially with kettlebells       .


I have always loved my kettlebells. Has anybody felt the feeling of performing perfect consecutive KB snatches? The feeling of a perfect KB clean and press straight into a Turkish-get-up? To be honest i think I love Kettlebells so much because it gives me an excuse to never run on a treadmill while watching fox-sports news re-runs ten thousand times, but with kettlebells the feeling of being on my own 2 feet standing and performing functional lifts that are enjoyable appeals to me greatly.