The Biggest Loser- Good or bad?

Channel 10 has brought back the popular weight loss series for an eighth season. This particular series is focusing on the “next generation” as obese Parents and children compete in couples to lose the most weight and possibly win $250,000 in prize money.

First I’ll say how much I hate this show and how poorly I feel it represents healthy living, the fitness industry and personal trainers. I have only seen a handful of episodes but I am already sick and tired of the tantrums and tears these people put on show for us.

I feel there are so many things wrong with this show in terms of personal trainers being personal trainers. Trainers you see at N.A.F.C are so far off the “commando” style of training people but that isn’t to say we don’t work people to their limits. On the show, have the trainers ever asked the contestant what exercise they enjoy? What they possibly felt like doing in that training session? Maybe the trainers shouldn’t be trying to get out of the contestants their emotional issues while at the same time absolutely slaughtering the contestant on a treadmill while their joints and muscles are screaming at them. But rather instilling long term habits and showing them the way of a healthy lifestyle that is maintainable and probably the most important, enjoyable. It would be a much different show wouldn’t it!

I don’t think many people would tune into that every week if that was the case. I have heard many different reports and news regarding the training of the contestants. I hear they train for more than an hour everyday 2-3 times a day. Now imagine big kev weighing in at 250 odd kg and has been sedentary for a large part of his life, is this really the best program and training schedule for somebody of that size? Of cause injuries will occur but what about the long term? Is this guy or all the contestants going to be able to maintain this when they leave the camp? Absolutely not!

I feel the lack of empathy shown by the trainers is horrible. Yes people need to be pushed, but until they are crying and in actual pain collapsing on the floor? Again great television, but seriously it’s not what my fellow trainers and I do on a daily basis.  I have heard countless times of the contestants regaining all their weight which doesn’t surprise me at all. Again, with the lack of thought and consideration with what the contestant may actually enjoy doing and possibly leaving the gym feeling good about themselves may increase the chance of continuing it long term, and wouldn’t be having crying fits every training session.

With all this being said if it wasn’t for this show would these people make that commitment to changing their lives and their weight? Probably not. Maybe there are people that simply need to be kept in a camp where they are surrounded with healthy food and nothing but exercise all day everyday. Maybe this is a positive of the show. Some people can’t afford personal trainers and these people have 3 of them for free, that is a huge positive in my eyes. I guess I just wish they didn’t have to make it into a competition, with success and failure governed by a number on the scales. The talk of failure to these people shouldn’t even be a possibility. The success of making your training session should be praised; the success of saying no to a tub of ice-cream but yes to only a scoop should be praised.  It would be a very different show wouldn’t it?