The seated row has been around for many many years and has been used to strengthen the back muscles. The main way which it can be perform is using a cable machine with a V grip handle.

Even though it is consider a beginner exercise this is a really effective exercise to perform for overall strength in the back but also core function and should be considered in most back workouts.

The primary muscles being worked are the latissimus dorsi and rhomboids. The hand positioning will make a massive change to the exercise as the higher up the body you pull the more the rhomboid will be used (as well as bicep) and the lower you go the more lat you will work.
Even though there aren’t any major secondary muscles primarily being used there will be stabilisation from the trapezius, erector spine, rotator cuff, bicep and serratus anterior.
Consider a beginner exercise there are still some things to be aware of when performing a seated row. You should remain in an upright position. Make sure that there is no swaying forwards or backwards as this will put pressure on the lower spine. If you feel this movement in the secondary muscles then the weight might be too heavy.