This is more a summary of great articles from body and soul on the adelaidenow website but I thought I would give my own in put on it.
I’ve been a personal trainer and been through my own personal weight loss journey. Now I can’t really remember exactly what happened during my weight loss when I was 17 but I’m sure I experienced what I see all my clients experience and that’s plateauing in weight. Now always being positive about this I’m always saying this is great as the client didn’t go up. However how do you overcome this if it’s been three weeks at the same weight?
What I believe and explained in the article in the body and soul web site is the body doesn’t like to lose weight. It’s part of our protection system which we’ve had probably since day dot. We all want to lose weight and we know that once we lose weight we feel better and function better, however to the body losing weight is perceived as a negative energy state and will do everything to stop the loss of body fat. If the body feels that it is receiving too few calories from little food or if the weight has been too rapid the body might slow down the metabolism to conserve energy. So even though calorie reduction is important, it’s just as important to get in good calories from food as well.
In the article there are a couple of ways to kick start your metabolism again.
– If you are currently been on a long term strict diet with low kilojoules or low carbohydrates then increasing your kilojoules an extra 500 to 800 a day can help start up the metabolism
– Another option is to stay on a strict diet for the first half of the week and then relaxing a little over the weekend by having maybe a larger meal or some extra alcohol or dessert.
– Breakfast is the key as well. Breakfast should keep you full for two to three hours. If you are hungry after and hour there isn’t a right balance between protein and carbohydrates. Changing a breakfast so that you are hungry for a mid morning snack means that your metabolism is firing.
So for more information see the web site but remember have regular meals, consume good food , little junk and try some of the other strategies that may help you break that plateau.