Since being in the gym environment I have always worked all body parts. However legs are my least favourite, not saying I don’t like working them but I would sure rather do chest or back before legs any day.
As I continued working out in gyms and started working as a personal trainer I started finding out that Im not the only one. Most gym goers hate legs with a passion and don’t work them. Why you might ask??? Well thats easy, there are a couple of reasons you don’t normally see your legs and they aren’t a beach muscle (upper body muscles) so most people think why bother. The other reason is that they are damn hard to work compared to the other muscles in the body.

However legs are so important (probably the most important) and should be done every week and here are the reasons why:
–          Leg exercises such as squats and deadlifts are massive compound exercises which mean that many muscles are being put under direct stress which will cause larger amounts of natural testosterone and other natural growth hormones will be released. This will cause a spill over affect in the body which will cause growth in all the muscles in the body.
–          Legs are some of the biggest muscles in the body and as explained above the exercises are mostly compound. When exercised the leg muscles require more calories to do the exercise which will mean more fat burning. As well as while the muscles are repairing from the workout out (up to 72 hours) the calories required are more that most of the other muscles in the body.
–          Legs will also balance the body out as well. This helps the upper and lower body stay in proportion so you don’t get the light bulb look (massive upper body and chicken legs)

So there are too many good reasons for everyone to work legs and I encourage everyone wanting more growth in legs and upper body or looking to get more fat burning from their workouts then make sure that you have legs in your routine.