Tom hardy is a FANTASTIC actor! He has now appeared in some massive block buster films and as I said before an amazing performer. However from a fitness point of view his two roles for warrior and batman he is clearly in completely different shape. So what did he do to get into this shape and change so rapidly.

First off this isn’t an official workout or actually what he did but more using the information out in the world wide web to write up an article on how he MIGHT have gone about it.

What do we know:

1.       He completely change his shape to be in amazing shape for the warrior (lean but ripped) and then completely changed it again for Bane in Batman.

2.       He would have had plenty of time to prepare for the roles (especially warrior) and would have had top trainers and nutritionists to help on his diet.

3.       There are rumors (I stress RUMORS) out there saying that he allegedly tamper with steroids to match his physique for his differing roles in he’s been in over his career.

4.       This I can guarantee he worked his ASS off. He would have been dedicated to his training and nutrition to get ready for the roles!

First lets look at the role for the warrior. In the movie he plays an ex army / fighter who comes back from conflict overseas and competes in a MMA round robin competition.

For the role of the warrior Hardy had to look like a fighter (middle weight). So he had to look very very lean but also strong and imposing. Reports say that Hardy put on 40 pounds of muscle to look like this. He was lean dense and ripped to give his character more depth in the movie.


Hardy used his close friend and trainer Patrick p-nut Monroe to get into shape. From a few interviews Monroe explained that hardy used a principle called ‘signalling’ which involves sending constant signals to your body to grow. His belief is that its better to do 10 press ups every hour than 100 in a single burst.

The first workout he would do would involve working chest and shoulders. The set ranges from 10 to 7 to 5 reps. He would start with a standard push up, the next would be lateral shoulder fly and the final exercise was a dip. He would have no rest and complete the workout in a circuit style.

The second routine involves working the core. The reps and ideas were the same from the first workout. The first exercise is a sit up with straight legs. Moving onto a leg raise. Keeping your shoulders on the ground and your legs straight raise your legs to your chest in a controlled manner. The final ab exercise is a crunch with your feet 6 inches from the floor.

In his final routine he worked his biceps and forearms, again in the same fashion as in routine’s 1 and 2. Starting with a basic set of bicep curls with the elbow fixed at your side. Moving onto a forearm exercise in which you place your forearm on a bench and have your wrist at the end and you flex your wrist while holding a dumb bell to exercise the forearm. Finally he finished of the exercise with a set of preacher curls.

Hardy would have done a lot of MMA fighting and conditioning work as well during this program as well and would have used his legs during these workouts.

Diet wise he would have been very clean with what he was eating. There would have been NO junk in his diet. It would have been high in protein and lower in carbohydrates. Like any athlete he would have used protein supplements as well as BCAA (branch chain amino acids) glutamine and even possible creatine.



For his second role which preceded the warrior he was the character bane from the comics of Batman. Now Bane in the comics was a genetic altered professional wrestler and was massive foe for Batman (and strong enough to break his back).


To get in shape for this character Hardy used close friend and trainer “Patrick p-nut” Monroe again.  During this workout Hardy would have focus on bigger compound movements and heavy weights in the gym to get the bigger and thick look which he had for Bane. He would have minimised his cardio exercises during this period of time and rested A LOT.

Diet wise he would have been eating eating and eating. He discussed the difficulty of bulking and having a high protein, high fat and low carb diet.  Reports even say that he was eating ice cream and other junk food, as he required more calories to get his bulk and thickness rather than aesthetic shape like he had in warrior.


As you can see, two differing shapes for Tom Hardy were achieved. I personally believe that this is more of an indication of how important diet is to your training and then appearance. He looks amazing for warrior but for batman he almost could be called fat (due to NO abs). So well done to Hardy for both physics he was trying to achieve.