Since I have been into fitness I have had to battle with my weight. What frustrates me to this day is why do some people just look at a dumbbell and get bigger arms or eat what they want and never put on any weight and I have to work so hard and seem to go no where. Is genetics just and excuse or are some people better off than others?


Well here is the bad news, some people are genetically gifted and some aren’t. Its as simple as we all like to play a chosen sport but we all can’t be an elite sports star due to limitations that we are born with. So is this all negative? Well no I have terrible genetics and may never look like arnie but I will never stop trying and I work within my limitations and believe I have achieved a lot with my own goals in fitness. So having an understanding of your body can help you go a long way to getting you to your goal! So all of us there are three body types:

Endomorph-People with this body type unfortunately put on fat very easily. They have a lot of trouble losing weight but don’t have many issues putting on weight. The advantage of this person is that they can put on muscle and hold onto this but unfortunately will need to do more cardio and need to watch their diet carefully to make sure that they keep their body fat down.

Ectomorph- People with this body type struggle to put weight on and are skinny. No matter what they eat they struggle putting fat or muscle onto their body. The advantage this person has is when they do put muscle onto their body they will look ripped and will have no issue with body fat or will easily lose body fat. These people don’t need a lot of cardio to lose weight but will need more weight training to help with their skeletal structure and will need to eat a lot of food to actually put on any weight!

Mesomorph- People with this body type are lucky as they have the best of both worlds. They easily put on muscle and don’t retain alot of body fat and these people are the athletes of the world.

As time goes on this will change for people, as a teenager we might be ectomorph to some degree but in our 40’s we are an endomorph. However just looking at different body types we all can fit into one. Knowing then what the limitations of each body type is then it’s important to know what to avoid (like being an endomorph you cant eat pizza and bad food everyday or even every second day as you will put on body fat). So if you work within your own parameters and realise that even though your best friend can eat maccas every day and not get fat, you can’t do the same, due to your different body types.