Coming to the gym 99% of people have one thing that they want to do. Tone up and lose body fat. With this there are hundreds of fat burners on the market (gen tec have thermo fuel which is a great fat burner available at the gym). What a lot of people don’t know is that there are natural fat burners that people can just introduce to their diet which will help them burn body fat. Now remember no matter what fat burners you take if your diet is out of whack then nothing will make you drop weight so ensure you’re consistent with your diet! However here are some natural fat burners:   –          Cayenne (peppers) Cayenne peppers are really hot peppers from South America. Inside cayenne there is a active plant compound capsaicin. This gives the heat to the pepper (burning sensation), this may increase the body’s metabolism and other health benefits.

–          Green tea

Most of us know that green tea is good for us to have and most of us know that it also can help burn body fat. With the antioxidants, and caffeine this may help the body increase it’s core temperature which can then increase your metabolism.


–          Flaxseeds

Flaxseed or flaxseed oil is a great source of essential fatty acids. Studies have shown that good fatty acids will burn more fat as it is a required fat in the body. It will also help with overall well being as well. –          Water


–           Water

Water is simple and easy but so many of us don’t drink enough. To start with water will keep you fuller and if you drink before a meal it will help reduce over eating. Also Im sure we have noticed it but if you aren’t drinking a lot of anything when you get really thirsty you will reach for something sugary or something with artificial sugars, so drinking water will prevent this from happening. With a high protein diet and weight loss there is a lot of waste produced so it’s important to have regular water intake to keep your kidney’s functioning well. Be careful not to over do it as too much water can be bad.


So here are just a few natural fat burners, be careful not to over do it though as the fats in flaxseeds are still fat and can cause you to gain weight. Also as I said above too much water isn’t a good thing either. Also don’t expect this to be the be all and end all of fat burning as a good diet will always be the most important part of weight loss, however with a good diet all these things can help you burn a little more body fat.