A surprise for most night gym goers is that there are a lot of people who attend the gym in the morning. But is a morning workout better for an individual? Well yes and no and here are some facts:

Reason for:

  • Your body burns two major types of fuels: glucose (carbohydrates) and fat.
  • Whenever you exercise for longer than a few minutes you are always burning both glucose and fat. However the ratio can change due to different circumstances.
  • When you are sleeping your body burns predominantly glucose leaving you with relatively more fat when you wake.
  • If you then exercise prior to eating in the morning it’s thought you burn more fat, as it is in higher concentration.
  • By having breakfast pre-exercise you are restoring your glucose levels and may have then lost your fat-burning advantage.
  • Doing a morning workout starts your day off and can help kick start your energy levels.

Reasons against:

  • If you train at high intensity first thing in the morning before you’ve eaten, your body may become depleted in energy half way through the workout. This can lead to a lousy session, where you burn less energy and therefore less fat.
  • If you are exercising in the morning to burn more fat, but you are not a morning person, chances are that once again the quality of your workout will be poor leading to a poor result.
  • Breakfast is aptly named as it is, literally breaking your overnight fast. You may not have eaten for 6-10 hours so yes your body is craving fuel. So, if you head off to train, for what could be a couple of hours with travel to and from the gym, it’s no wonder you’re starving when you get back.
  • Muscle building clients have a dilemma with training in the mornings. Reason is if you have no glucogen in your muscles it might mean you are unable to lift as much as you normally could but also during the workout you body might switch to muscle burning to fuel the workout rather than fat.

So there are a lot of pros and cons for working out in the morning. I believe its more down to a personal preference rather than fat burning or not, as it doesn’t matter when you come into the gym but IF you come into the gym.