We all want it, the perfect “beach body” and regardless this is one reason many of us go to the gym. A new US study has come out to say that 68% of women would forgo sex to get the perfect body. Thanks to the ubiquity of cameras, wearing a bikini is now scary even for gorgeous celebrities and women who feel pressured to slim down.

90% of readers said that they would never want a photo of themselves tagged wearing a bikini and 44% would ask for it to be taken down. The study was performed by Shape magazine and it revealed that many women felt the pressure to slim down and get into perfect shape for summer and would take some strict methods to achieve their best body which in some cases included sacrificing sex. What women loved and hated about them were:

Over 50 per cent of women hate their abs

21per cent are proud of their abs

29per cent are self-conscious about their thighs

48per cent of women are proud of their strong arms, legs, and gluts

How women try to cut down:

• 60per cent admitted to dieting in anticipation of bikini season

• 53per cent cut calories

• 22per cent cut carbs

• 1per cent use juice fasts

• 3per cent rely on detox diets

• 47per cent work on their abs more than any other muscle group

So with all this pressure and with all this misinformation what can someone do to get to their goals?

Well here are a few tips to get yourself along the way:

– Visualize where you want to go and what you want to be. Have a clear goal in mind but make sure it is realistic

– Start weight training as well as cardio! Most female gym goers don’t do enough weight bearing training. It will not bulk you up!

– Get direction from a professional! See a personal trainer to get tips and direction in getting you to your goals.

– Probably the most important is be consistent. If you are consistent on your training and diet in the long run you will achieve goals you have set!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2149384/How-70-women-sacrifice-sex-perfect-bikini-body.html#ixzz1wPNuCpbl