Narrow Grip vs Wide Grip Upright Rows With most exercises in the gym there are many variations and upright row is no exception. Most people will perform this exercise in a narrow grip style,

 however there is debate that a wide grip may be more beneficial. Using a close grip on a barbell upright row will cause the arms to move in front of the body and allow for a fuller range of motion as the elbows will lift above the shoulders, this will cause the majority of stress is on the front of the deltoid head and traps. If a person performs this incorrectly or with heavy weight there will be a lot of stress placed onto the bicep rather than the shoulder. When you widen the grip with the upright row the elbows will flair out to the sides and not be able to go higher than shoulder height which will emphasize the middle deltoid head.

The movement will also limit the bicep activation in the movement. So a wide upright row will be more beneficial for most gym goers as the front deltoid doesn’t lack mass normally due to pressing motions that occur during chest and then from presses in shoulder training. To also get that wide look in your shoulders more work is required on the middle deltoid so wide grip will help with this.