So Christmas isn’t too far away and as always this is the time of the year that diets and fitness regimes go out the window. So here are some tips for everyone to try to minimise the damage over the Christmas break.


1. Keep exercising – First off the gym will only closing a couple days over the Christmas break so there is no excuse in not getting to the gym for a workout. If you are away you still can go for a walk or even go to the local gym and see if they are open!

2. Minimise the alcohol intake – I have post before about the impacts of alcohol in weight loss, however due to the holidays most of us we drink more over the break. Again this is okay but trying to keep the amount in one session down is important and having a few alcohol free days over the Christmas / new year break is important as well.

3. Be prepared – Don’t assume! If you are going away or going to stay with family and friends don’t assume that they will have healthy food in the house! Also if you are going out plan where you are going and if you can’t eat a small meal before hand  don’t over indulge while you are out.

4. Soft drinks are diet killers! – Watch the soft drinks and especially diet soft drink as both are bad for the waist line. Of course normal soft drink has a lot of sugar in it but diet soft drink also has aspartame which can cause cancer in the long term but for the short term it has been shown to cause weight gain in people as well.

5. Don’t just let it all go! – Just as it is Christmas and New year’s doesn’t mean that your diet and fitness regime go out the window! As stated in number one the gym will still be open for most days but also you can keep your diet and eating habits under some control which will go along way for you stay in shape for the rest of summer!

From all the team at North Adelaide Fitness Centre, we wish all our members a great and safe Christmas and we look forward to getting you to your fitness goals in the new year.