A new study conducted by the University of Adelaide being presented to the Australia sleep conference in Sydney this week has linked lack of sleep with tougher lifestyles and health circumstances.

The study also found that the flashing lights of our current society are making it harder for us to actually fall asleep and have restful sleep.

The study was based on 1195 men who were tracked to see the health of their relationships and mental wellbeing. The study found that poor sleepers were more likely to be depressed, have a lower income and more likely to be single. Shift workers also were found to have health problems which mainly included high fat and sugar levels and sleep apnoea sufferers were more likely to be become obese and have a lower income.

Another study conduct by Helen Burgess at the rush university medical centre in Chicago found that late bed times led us to be more exposed to household lights in the evening and this exposure made it harder for people to fall asleep and made them groggy in the morning.

In previous blogs I have touch on how lack of sleep effects muscle gain and fat loss but now with this current study being presented, you can see what an affect lack of sleep could be having on the rest of your life. So turn the TV, I phone/pad/pod off and get some sleep!