CLA is a healthy fatty acid use by a lot of people as an effective fat loss supplement. CLA helps fight fat by inhibiting a fat storing enzyme lipoprotein lipase (LPL). LPL is found in fat cells and helps pick up fat from the circulation and store it as body fat. So by inhibiting LPL it prevents the storage of fat and will encourage the burning of fat as fuel.

CLA will help the body spare muscle tissue by making the body use fat as fuel which can stop the break down muscle as protein for fuel. This is because the body is in a constant break down of muscle protein for fuel and then building it back up when you eat, so having less muscle protein breakdown will lead to more muscle growth. In several studies it has shown that CLA leads to greater fat loss and muscle gain in subjects rather than a placebo.

Studies have also shown that CLA can bring down the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body which can be a great benefit for people suffering from thyroid issues. It helps lower a person’s resistance to insulin which can help a person control their weight and the onset of diabetes. CLA is also said to decrease allergic reactions from food and strengthen the immune system.

 Natural CLA is found in high levels in kangaroo meat and grass fed beef. Eggs are also rich in CLA and even have been shown that the CLA will survive in the temperatures during frying. Mushrooms are also shown to be high in CLA. However the easiest way is to consume a CLA supplement.

At NAFC through dymatize we have access to ordering CLA in a supplement form. If you are interested in trying CLA as a fat burner please chat to ben or myself (Jamie) to order some in on our next dymatize order and will retail at $31 for 90 caps.