An important part of exercise but missed by most people is recovery from exercise. We have all experienced DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which can keep people out of the gym. There are small things that we can do to help us recovery after exercise.

–          Simply just cooling down will make a difference. After a full on cardio session just simply lower the intensity down for 5 to 10 minutes. This will help the body reduce lactic acid, stiffness and switch you from a exercising state back to a normal resting state.

–          After a workout using a foam roller and stretching will help the body and muscles recover as it will help the body remove lactic acid quicker and will help lengthen the muscle.

–          Being properly hydrated will make a large difference to you during exercise but will help the body process lactic acid out of the system more efficiently and get more nutrients into the muscles.

–          Supplements and nutrition is really important for overall recovery. Eating a good balanced diet with a range of nutrients with protein will help recovery. As muscles will break down during exercise it’s important to eat a source of protein for recovery and muscle regrowth. Supplements are also another source of recovery and can help the body recovery quicker–          Massage after a long workout or week of hard workouts can aid the body in recovery. Massage can help the body release tension in the muscles but also release a build up of lactic acid. Having massages on a long term basis can help the body recover more quickly but also help reduce the risk of injury.

–          Foam rolling is similar to massage but is something that everyone can do on a regular basis before and after a session to help the body recover.

–          Sleep is missed in todays society but is really important for the bodys recovery. While you sleep growth hormones are released for muscle tissue repair and growth. Also it allows the body to return to a recovery state.

–          Lastly to recover the best thing to do is not to over train! Heavy and or excessive training over and over will stop you from recovering and will eventually cause injury.