Building better bodies is the slogan of Dymatize nutrition and thats what we are hoping to bring to you with our new range of supplements that we offer at north Adelaide fitness centre.

Dymatize was established in 1994 and has a vast range of products that it offers to athletes and general gym goers. Dymatize believes in offering high quality products and has all raw materials go through a testing stage before they are even made into their supplements. They also have their own manufacturing facilities which many other supplement companies don’t have! This facility has been FDA proved as well! (for more information see

With the high quality products, Dymatize supports/sponsors many elite athletes with probably their most well known athlete being former UFC and WWE champion Brock Lensar!


Currently we are offering four new products to our members at North Adelaide fitness centre. Elite Mass, BCAA, Glutamine and Xpand xtreme pump.

 Elite Mass is our new protein powder and is a fantastic high quality product for individuals in the main gym of the centre who are looking to put of muscle tissue. With added carbs but also with BCAA, glutamine and creatine this product will help those individuals put on a little bit of weight and get full recovery from a work out!


To make sure you get full recovery from a workout we are offering both BCAA and Glutamine in powder form. Both are great for recovery and muscle growing and don’t have an additional calories.


Xpand xtreme is the new pre workout offered through dymatize and we are offering this to our clients. This will be a popular product and is not for the faint of heart! With creatine, beta Alanine, Arginine and caffeine Xpand will take your workout to the next level and make you keep going and going and going and going.


As time goes on we will look to expand our product range with dymatize as there is a wide range of products available to us for you the member to benefit from. If you have further questions about the new products or just supplements in general please come to customer service and chat to Ben and myself (Jamie) for further information!