Last week I had an in depth look at what the “Kate Middleton workout” might have been but I thought I would do one for the boys and look at what Chris Hemsworth did to get into shape for the new movie Thor.

Hollywood has had an influx of muscular action hero’s from Sly stone, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds and now Chris Hemsworth. From all reports Chris put on an estimated 10kg for the role, and looks in fantastic shape for his leading role as Thor.

Before above


So how did he do it? Well there is no account of a workout plan as per say but there have been a couple of reports of what he may have done. What most people are reporting or speculating and I agree with, he would have been doing an old school workout with spilt days and doing a lot of compound (multi joint/muscle) movements and he would have done low reps with heavier weight. Some of the exercises which he may have included are squats, deadlifts, clean and press, incline bench press, bent over row and so on.

However Chris has been quoted saying that sleep was the most important part of him growing muscle! Yep I said it sleep! He advocated sleeping and rest to get in shape (again I post a blog on why this is important and in short amounts of sleep your body releases natural growth hormones to repair muscle).

If Chris wasn’t training or sleeping he was eating. From all reports he was eating very clean and very often with a high protein diet and often during the day.

So question is can you do this? Hell yeah! But a little more back ground on how Chris Hemsworth got into Thor shape. I actually don’t think he was on steroids or any growth hormones but he dedicated ALL of his time to getting in shape! So all he would have done is trained, slept, ate and then repeated. Stress, lack of sleep, working and everyday life has a massive impact on muscle growth and Chris wouldn’t have had any of these to worry about.

So what can you do? Be Consistent!!!!!! That’s right being consistent with your training and eating! If you work hard enough you can achieve your goals and pack on muscle and look like Chris Hemsworth.