With the new release of body balance 52 on Thursday 7th of April @ 7:15pm and the 30 minute express classes this month, I thought that the class in review should be Body balance.

Les Mills Bodybalance is a mix between Yoga, tai Chi and pilates which is concentrated on building flexibility and strength but also a class that can leave you calm and centred.

So what should you expect from a class if you have never ever done one?

–          Each class normally will run for 45 minutes of exercises followed by 10 minutes of meditation

–          The class begins with an easy Tai Chi routine to warm up your body and begin to relax your body.

–          Once the warm up is complete then the instructor will take you through a series of yoga and Pilates sequences to help tone, strengthen and stretch your body.

–          The last 10 minutes of the class are for meditation, time to reflect, truly relax and centre your body.

Anyone can participate in Bodybalance regardless of their age, sex or fitness level. With a great group of bodybalance instructors (Emma, Leah, Amanda, Leah and Pamela) you can feel at ease that with the years of experience in bodybalance they can help the most uncoordinated people out there have a great class.

With the new release this month and extra 30 minute express classes on for the month of april, there is no excuse for not getting into bodybalance and giving it a go. If you have an injury or want to know what times the classes are on please see the customer service area and they will be able to help you further.

Two of the great body balance instructors leah and pamela!

For more information please visit


and to see the actual moves and how to do them


 Hope to see you in class.