Being in the fitness industry for almost two years (wow time has gone fast) and experiencing my own issue with weight and now clients weight loss I have had to work hard with people on nutrition. Now before I go on I am not a nutritionist so all advice is general and when I talk about less eating I don’t mean starving yourself/hurting yourself so please just look at the article generally and take some advice to help with your weight loss goals. If you need further advice please see Meridy (gym’s nutritionist).

For weight loss clients/members we consistently go on and on about healthy eating but I know many people out in the fitness world are eating well and do everything right and still don’t lose weight. There could be so many reasons that you could (and probably is) write a book about all the different reasons why you aren’t losing weight. However I just want to look at the reason of over eating/proportion sizes.

Over the years proportion sizes have increased some studies have shown that portion sizes started increasing in the 1980s and have been ballooning ever since. Just look at the size of a chick schnitzel in most pubs/restaurants and they are now huge and are easily your required calorie intake for a day if not two days. So with this increase in proportion sizes our activity has also decreased sharply in the last 20 to 100 years. We are sitting most of the day and eating triple the food we need? Doesn’t this just make most peoples heads spin or question what you are doing? Look below at some pictures of what food looked like 20 years ago and now today:

                            Twenty Years Ago                                   Today

                                              320 Calories                                                      820 Calories


I use the analogy to my clients that if your car drives over 100km a day then it needs to be fueled up all the time but if your car only travels over 10km in a day they you wouldn’t over fill the tank everyday would you? So why don’t we view the body in the same way?

Here is a link to a calorie expenditure calculator which is fantastic just as a general idea of what calories you are burning during the day. and another site with the amount of calories in food and other calculators

There are a few small steps you can take to reduce the amount that you eat which will help you get towards your weight goals:

–          Don’t shop while you are hungry as you will be more likely to buy food you don’t need or snacks when you don’t need them

–          Having 6 smaller meals rather than 3 big ones will help prevent over eating and hunger

–          Drinking water before meals will fill you up a little more and hopefully prevent over eating

–          Use smaller plates so it looks like you are eating more

–          Get low GI carbs rather than carbs high in GI so you have a slow energy release

–          Prepare all your meals

–          Eat 1 hour before you go out

These are small things that can help with you proportion size control! Don’t underestimate how important proportion sizes are, even though you may eat healthy and good food, too much good or bad is always going to be bad. The other big thing is eating for your activity levels during the day and being honest with yourself and how much you are eating and whether its too much. And a finishing thought “Just because its on the plate doesnt mean you have to eat it”.