Hey all the NAFC members! Ally and myself (jamie) are going to be conducting a gym football tipping competition. Now it doesnt cost anything to enter but you can win personal training sessions! First prize is 10 sessions second is 6 personal training sessions and third is 3 personal training sessions. Also there will be weekly complimentary sessions for weekly winners as well as a randomly choosen person for a session. There are terms and conditions, also there are certain conditions for current personal training clients so please see Ally and myself for further information. Below are the terms and conditions if you want to print this up and give the form to Ally or myself before the 23rd of march to register!

North Adelaide Fitness Centre Football Tips

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Terms and conditions

–          This years NAFC footy tipping is being conducted by Ally and Jamie will not involve any money but will give members the opportunity to win personal training packs for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.

–          If you are currently being trained by another trainer or start training with another trainer during the duration of the tipping competition then you will not be eligible for the complimentary personal training session each week or the 10, 6, 3 pack at the end of the year. Instead you will be entitled to a free fitness age or fitness test and the end prizes will be supplement packs determine whether you finish 1st 2nd or 3rd. You will be only entitled to 4 weekly personal training sessions then you will be entitled to a fitness age or test.

–          A weekly complimentary personal training session will be randomly selected as well and you will be notified by Jamie or Ally.

–          Current clients of Jamie and Ally will be eligible for the personal training sessions but can’t claim their winning session instead of their normal session.

–          The random person must claim/book their session within the week and will expire after one week from the Monday after the round

–          All tips must be in by 2pm Friday and if they are not in then you will get all the away teams and be ineligible to win that rounds personal training session.

–          Margins will determine the winner if there is a tie at the end of the round.

–          Registrations need to be completed by 23rd march and first round of tips need to be in 2pm on the 24th of march and then every Friday by 2pm unless advised.

–          If you miss your tips you will be given all away teams and unable to win that round.

–          If you miss three rounds in a row you will forfeit your place in the competition and if you miss a total of five in the whole year you will forfeit your place in the competition

–          All participants need to be over 18 years

–          Please indicated if you are / have personal trained before and with whom

Yes who with:


–          Please sign below if you except these conditions