Welcome to the first of a series of product reviews on supplements we have at north Adelaide fitness centre. I am going to explain the benefits of each product and when and why you should take them. To start off we will look into pure whey Gen-Tec’s basic Whey protein. North Adelaide fitness centre has had Pure Whey for a few months and it has proven a very popular product.

The actually blend of protein in Pure whey is,

Hydrolysed WPI – fastest digesting whey peptides Microfiltered WPI – fastest digesting complex whey protein

Ultrafiltered WPC – slower digesting whey protein

Colostrum to help with immunity and digestion.

Pure whey also is high in Branch chain amino acids and L-Glutamine which help prevent catabolism (muscle break down). So how does this benefit the average person losing weight or trying to tone or even build muscle? Pure whey is very low in fat and doesn’t have a lot of excess carbs some products contain. With the different digesting proteins and amino acids this will help keep the body in a muscle building mode after a workout which means more muscle and more fat burning. Pure whey is easily mixed in water. Have two scoops with about 300mls of water or milk and shake till the powder is dissolved. Pure whey has three great flavours banana, chocolate and strawberry and comes in a 1.2kg tube and will last most people about a month (30 servings per tube) This is a great inexpensive product that Gen Tec offer it doesn’t have the same benefits as a Pro lean or macro whey but if you are looking for a basic protein to take then Pure Whey is for you! If you have more questions about pure whey or any other supplements please chat to Myself (Jamie) or Ben