Body pump is one of the most popular classes at NAFC, with over 10 classes over the week! It is the original weight resistance class by les mills. Body Pump was original created in 1991 to get more men in group fitness / aerobics but has grown to over 70 countries and in 10,000 health clubs worldwide with people from 15 – 80+ male and female attending Body Pump.

So what is the big fuss about this class? Most other classes are cardio classes with a small amount of resistance work. Whereas Body Pump is predominantly a weight resistance class. Body Pump also provides a more relax and fun environment compared to the weights room which some people find intimidating and stops them from doing any weight resistance which is important for everyone’s fitness goals. In Body Pump you can burn up to 600 calories in a class and people work all their muscle groups though out the session. By doing this regularly you can improve your strength and create tone.

What to expect in a class:

–          Warm up to get your body moving and will only involve light weights

–          After this the main part of the workout then will cover all the muscle groups (chest, back, shoulders, legs and abdominals) there will be fast reps slow reps and static holds which will get your muscles burning!

–          To finish off your instructor will take you through a stretching all the muscle you have worked to help reduce any chances of injury.

Anyone can do pump from young to old, male or female! At North Adelaide Fitness Centre we have some great instructors like Emma, Amanda, Hannah, Catherine and Maria who have a regular class each week. Each have many years experience and can help any new people to Body Pump through the basics and will make sure you have a great workout. Below are some clips of Emma conducting a class and Maria during the pink pump to raise money for breast cancer (with over 60 people in the class!)

So if you are unsure if you can do pump due to injury or fitness level please chat to one of these instructors or the trainers at the centre to see if Body Pump is suitable for you. So bring a friend and give it a go if you haven’t all ready, as you will feel muscles that you never have or haven’t for a long time!

For further reference please go to the following links: – explaining what pump is about – showing a step by step video of how to do the movements in Body Pump and so you can get an idea of what to expect – A clip of Emma a NAFC Pump instructor